Update a Red or Green USB license on a machine without internet access

This article describes how to apply an update to a Red or Green USB license for Opticstudio when working on an isolated computer without internet access. In order to update licenses on such computers, a manual process must be followed. License updates are provided automatically for support or subscription renewals or if changing from one Opticstudio edition to another. 

Authored By Don Dickinson


This article outlines how to apply an update to a Red or Green USB license key on a computer that does not have internet access. This process requires your license is currently plugged in and working on your machine. 

If you are working on a machine with internet access, please see "How to update a Red or Green USB license."

Before getting started

Before continuing this article, you should be certain that you have a red or green colored USB license. If you received a softkey activation code from Zemax Sales, you do not own a USB dongle. If you need to update a softkey license, refer to "Transferring and updating a softkey license." For Black USB keys, see "Is my key under current support?."


Applying the license update

This section describes how to apply a license update for a Red or Green USB license key. Before proceeding with the license transfer, you should note:

  • Updates need to be applied on the machine where the license is plugged in. For OpticStudio network licenses, this means that the update must be applied on the keyserver machine that hosts the license rather than the OpticStudio client machine. 
  • There is no need to keep the .v2c file we send you after following this procedure.

In order to apply a license update for a Red or Green USB license, follow the steps below. 

  1. When you receive an update email, it contains an update code. You will not use the included update code as that requires internet access. Instead, Reply to Sales@zemax.com and request a .v2c file. Be sure it includes your license key serial number (L1XXXXX).
  2. You will receive an email containing a .v2c file. Save it to the machine where the license is currently plugged in. We recommend a convenient folder such as Documents or Downloads.
  3. Open the Zemax License Manager located in the Windows Start...Zemax Opticstudio folder.
  4. Select either the View License or License Information tab. Confirm that the license you are updating is recognized. For example, you should see your license number such as L100000. 
  5. For versions of the Zemax License Manager dated November 2018 or earlier, select Launch Sentinel Admin Control Center at the top of the window. In the Zemax License Manager V2 (dated May 2019 or later), Launch Sentinel Admin Control Center is located on the Troubleshoot tab.


Alternatively, open a web browser, and navigate to http://localhost:1947. Note that this is a local page on your machine and does not require an internet connection.

  1. Select Update/Attach on the left hand navigation bar.
  2. Click Choose File and select the .v2c file from the folder to which you saved it.
  3. Click Apply File. You should receive a short message saying the update was applied. 

  1. Open OpticStudio or the Zemax License Manager, and both should display your updated license information.

Getting help

If you receive any error messages or the updated license information does not look correct, contact Zemax Support for further assistance. Please include any errors as well as your license key number (such as L000001). It would also help to send a screen shot of the Sentinel Keys page located at http://localhost:1947/_int_/devices.html.


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