JWST part 2: Modeling the James Webb Telescope segments in OpticStudio - webinar

In this webinar, we will continue our model of the James Webb Space Telescope. The primary mirror consists of 18 hexagonal segments. We will create static segments and look at the effects on the system PSFs and MTFs. And we’ll get started with creating dynamic segments that can move independently of one another.

See the Article Attachments link for OpticStudio sample files and a detailed paper on the telescope. 

Authored By Erin Elliot


Article Attachments


JWST Part 2: Modeling the James Webb Telescope Segments in OpticStudio - YouTube

About the presenter

Erin Elliot is Optical Research & Prototyping Engineer at Zemax. Her emphasis is on supporting hardware builds from the earliest design phases through final acceptance testing. Erin joined Zemax in 2014 and has a background in the aerospace industry where she worked on both ground and space-based telescopes and instruments, and on alignment software for JWST. In her spare time, she invents and prototypes new software tools for optical engineers.

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