Monitoring concurrent users to track network license utilization

Customers may wish to monitor and report on how Zemax licenses are being utilized in their network, including maximum number of licenses used at any given time. By configuring the Zemax License manager correctly, data can be logged. This procedure can be used for OpticStudio, LensMechanix, OpticsBuilder, or OpticsViewer with a Red USB or softkey network license. 

Authored By Matthew Sutton

Network licenses for Zemax products are managed via the Zemax License Manager (ZLM), also referred to in some documentation as the keyserver. The ZLM supports OpticStudio, LensMechanix, OpticsBuilder and OpticsViewer licenses. This means that when you first configure logging you will not be able to review your logs for at least 1 day. 

There are a things to note before beginning:

  • This procedure is not applicable to customers with a Black USB network license (those with a license number of 22000-40999), or those with individual (non-network) licenses. It requires you have a Red USB or softkey network license that is sharable over the network.
  • To configure license logging, you must do so from the computer / server which is hosting the network license.
  • If you have previously configured daily access log files on your server, they need to be be removed first to avoid errors. To do so, delete all files ending in LOG from the following folder on the server: C:\Program Files (X86)\common files\Aladdin shared\HASP\log.

You can configure basic usage logs on the server in the Sentinel Admin Control Center per How do I monitor and control usage of the network license? To interpret the data and track detailed usage information, Zemax recommends using TeamEDA to monitor and manage license usage of Zemax products. Please see for information on their LAMUM product. This product has been tested and is confirmed to work correctly with Zemax products. TeamEDA may be contacted here.


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