Tutorial 2: File sharing

This article is part of the Getting Started with OpticsViewer free tutorial.

OpticsViewer users can export and import Zemax file types to share designs between OpticsViewer and OpticStudio or LensMechanix. This tutorial shows you how.

Authored By Alina Shmidt


Users can load or save a Zemax file (.ZMX) to easily share sequential optical files between products. OpticsViewer also exports and imports a Zemax archive file (.ZAR) between products to share sequential optical files with data attached (such as drawings or mechanical components). Without needing to convert file types, users can be sure that their data is complete and accurate between products.

Import Zemax file types

To load a .ZMX or .ZAR file, click Open in the OpticsViewer Tab...File drop-down and select your file.


Save Zemax file types

To save a .ZMX or .ZAR file, click File..Save As.

Save as

Users can also choose to export their optical designs using common CAD formats such as STEP, IGES, STL, or SAT.

Export CAD file types

To export a CAD file type such as a STEP, IGES, STL, or SAT, click File...CAD Export.

CAD Export

In the "Export CAD File" pop-up window, fill in your settings, and press "OK".

Export CAD

More information about the settings in the Export CAD File window can be found in the Help Files: The OpticsViewer Tab > File drop-down > CAD Files.

This article is part of the Getting Started with OpticsViewer free tutorial.

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