I'm a License Administrator. What do I need to know?


As a License Administrator, you control End Users assigned to your license. When you assign an End User, that person will be able to access all relevant resources available from Zemax (for supported licenses) and run the licensed software.

To add an End User to a license:

  1. The person must be available in your list of colleagues, so within your Zemax account, go to Manage Colleagues. You may add or deactivate colleagues at any time.
  2. Within your Zemax account, see the Licenses table. Click on the license where you would like to add the End User.
  3. In the license details page, click on Add End User

Note: Individual (single user) subscription licenses may only have one End User at any time. Other license types do not have End User limitations.

To change an End User on a license:

  1. You may remove an existing End User by clicking “Manage” in the Licenses table. In the license details page, click Remove User.
  2. Click Add End User.
  3. Select from your list of colleagues. The selected individual will be notified that they were assigned to your license.
  4. If the license is a single-user (individual) license, the original End User must open the Zemax License Manager on his/her computer and transfer the license to the new End User.
  5. The new End User may download the licensed Zemax software and install it on his/her machine, utilizing the license transfer code. The new End User will also have full access to resources from Zemax.


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