What is a Colleague and an End User ? What permissions do they have?

A list of colleagues is available inside your Zemax account profile. The colleague list displays all the individuals known within your organization. License Administrators have rights to add a colleague. When a colleague is added, that person is invited to set up their Zemax account

An End User is a colleague who is also associated with a license. End Users of supported licenses have permission to use the associated Zemax license as well as full access to all relevant support resources. If an end user of license where the support or subscription has expired, they will not have permission to open support cases, schedule support phone calls or access the Code Exchange in the Community.

Individual (non-network) licenses can have one end user at a time and the end user may be changed once every thirty days. Network licenses can have unlimited end users and can be changed any time.  

You can find out about your own access permissions at About My Access and permissions at the top of the My Account page. If you need access to support resources, find the administrator of a supported license in your profile and ask them to make you an end user of the license.    


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