How do I get a Zemax account?

Zemax accounts are available to those using any Zemax software license product. An account allow you to see license and colleague information, post in the community forum and (if using a supported license) to open support cases and schedule phone calls. Note that you do not need an account to read articles in the company knowledge base

There are a few ways to set up your Zemax profile:

  1. You purchased a license. You should receive an email invitation from Zemax to set up your Zemax account at the same time as the license activation. This invitation contains a link that will complete your account.

    Tip: If you didn't get an invitation email as well as the license activation email, you may already have an account. You can request a password reset from the Login link on If you do not receive an email, you do not have an account. Contact for help if needed. 
  2. A License Administrator adds you as a colleague or a license End User on a license from inside their Zemax account. Once this happens, an email invitation is sent to you with a link to complete your account. 

  3. Fill out the Zemax registration form. From, click Login at the top right, then "Register for an account" at the bottom. Fill out the form.

    Tips when filling out the form: It's highly recommended to locate the license number you are using or trying to access before filling out the form. We also recommend registering with your company email address rather than a personal one.

    • If you are in our user database, you'll be sent an invitation or password reset to finalize your account.
    • If you're not in our database and provided a valid software license number, you will not immediately receive an invitation. The License Administrator for your license will be sent a notice of your request to be added as an End User on that license. 
    • If you're not in our database and do not have a valid software license, your submitted form will be processed by our sales team, who will help get you the information that you need.

      TIP: If you have filled out the registration form and have not heard back within a few days or  need faster assistance,, please email 

Note that only License Administrators and End Users of supported licenses will have full access to Zemax resources. You can find out more about your own access in the My Account page of your Zemax account. Also, access permissions for various account types are listed in this article.

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