The difference between an Ansys Portal Account and a Zemax Portal Account

As Zemax continues its merge into the Ansys software family, we are taking steps to merge legacy Zemax content into the Ansys systems. While this work is underway, users may require two sign-ins: one to legacy Zemax websites, and one to Ansys sites. In this article, we will show the difference between the two sign-in methods, and what features you can access with each.

Authored By Alexandra Culler


Zemax was acquired by Ansys in October of 2021, and since then we have been working on integrating with the rest of the Ansys business. As a result, you will see a few changes, including:

  1. Software Licenses used to run the software are different, and require a different setup method (as described here).
  2. Sales Team representatives for your organization may change.
  3. Zemax content will be migrated to Ansys websites, so the look-and-feel will change, as well as the sign in method.

In this article, we are focusing on the third point.

At this time, Zemax-related items may be located on two different websites, each requiring a separate login. The website you use depends on your license type and needs. Let's take a look at what each website hosts, and how to access the content.


Identifying the sign-in methods

Browser-based sign-in (websites)

The sign-in screens for a legacy Zemax system look a little different than for an Ansys system. If you're accessing a website and are brought to a sign-in screen, then you will be met with one of the following:



Software-based sign-in

Outside of a browser, there are also situations where you may be prompted to sign-in to your downloaded software. These situations are shown below.

Legacy versions of the Zemax software may ask for a sign-in. That will look like the following:



The above screenshot represents a process which is specific to certain legacy Zemax licenses, so will take the same credentials as the Legacy Zemax sign-in screen pictured above.

Additionally, the Ansys Optics Launcher may ask for a sign-in. That will look like the following:



The above screenshot represents a process which is specific to Ansys Zemax licenses, so will take the same credentials as the Ansys sign-in screen pictured above.


How to create an account

If you require access to an Ansys system but do not have an account, you may find instructions for registering here:


If you require access to a legacy Zemax system but do not have an account, you may register here:



Zemax vs Ansys Portal Accounts

In this section, we will outline when you should expect to see either of these sign-ins. In this section, please note that a legacy Zemax license is identified as a license which looks like this:

  • L######
  • 2####
  • 3####

Whereas an Ansys license usually looks like this: 1-#########. An Ansys license is usually associated with your Ansys account number, which looks like this: A######.

You can identify your license type within the software by navigating to the Help...About dialog. If you have have not yet downloaded the software, you should confirm your license type with your sales representative.


Situation Required Sign-In Method
Link (if available)
Downloading Ansys Zemax software Ansys Ansys Download Center  
Downloading legacy Zemax software


Legacy Zemax Software Downloads  
Configuring my Ansys Zemax license Ansys

Ansys Licensing Portal

  • Download your license file.
  • Add other users to your Ansys account.
Configuring my legacy Zemax license


Zemax Account Page

  • View the licenses at your account.
  • Add End Users to your legacy license.
  • Register teammates for support.
Connecting to a legacy Zemax network license


Find more information here.



Accessing Zemax Knowledgebase content No sign-in required.

Zemax Knowledgebase


Posting to the Zemax forums


Zemax Community An account is required to post, but the posts are visible to all.
Accessing training content Ansys Ansys Learning Hub

This will require an additional license. Contact your sales representative for more details.

Opening a case with the Zemax Support team


Manage my cases

This will require you to be registered in our support system. See below for more information.

Using the Optics Launcher Ansys More information is available in the Release Notes. See section 1.2.


Getting in touch

We highly recommend visiting our Knowledgebase and our Community prior to opening a case with our support team. It is likely that your question has already addressed. To search across all of our resources, you can utilize a global search at

In the case that you do need to get in touch with our support team, you may open a case via your Zemax Account Page. To access the Zemax Account Page, you will need to have a Zemax sign-in. Then, to open a case, you will need to be registered in our support system. The instructions for doing so are different based on your license type. See below:

  • If you are accessing Zemax software with an Ansys Zemax License, fill out this form to self-register for support:
  • If you are accessing the legacy version of the Zemax software, please reply with your license number. For information on identifying your license number or becoming a registered user on your license, see this guide: How to identify your legacy Zemax license.
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