Getting Started with ZOS-API


Getting Started with ZOS-API is designed to get you up to speed quickly with the powerful features of ZOS-API. This Learning Path is divided into steps that will teach you how to efficiently use ZOS-API to create or modify optical systems, and extract data from OpticStudio.
Estimated time to complete: 5 hours



Find out how ZOS-API can be useful in expanding OpticStudio capabilities, and what are the differences between ZOS-API, APL macros, DLLs or DDE.


Get Connected

Learn which external packages can work with ZOS-API, how to install them and how to connect to OpticStudio

Installation and connection. Click the icon for your language to view installation and connection instructions. (Note that no specific installation and connection steps are required for MATLAB)

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Fundamentals of structure and syntax

Discover the basics of ZOS-API structure and learn how to navigate through the ZOS-API Syntax Help File.



This lesson explains the different modes and presents the main interfaces to access ZOS-API as well as some “tips and tricks” to help you become an expert in no time.





The ZOS-API has several different modes. Select the mode you'd like to practice below:

Creating a Standalone Application:

Connecting to the Interactive Extension:

How to create a User Extension:

How to create a User Analysis:

How to create a User Operand:

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