Ansys Zemax licensing overview and guides


This article describes the new Ansys Zemax licensing based on FlexLM and links to additional articles to licensing configuration and information related to them. This applies to Zemax Ansys licensed products released as of July 2022. 

Important note

If you have been assigned a legacy Zemax license number starting with L or T such as L100000 or a USB license (numbered from 22000-40999) these guides do not apply to you. 
Authored By Don Dickinson


The new Ansys licensing model uses FlexLM network shared licenses and the standard Ansys License Manager application for license server setup. These new licenses require a new and separate versions of Zemax products to use these licenses to go along with them. For OpticStudio be sure you install "Ansys Zemax OpticStudio" and for "Ansys OpticsBuilder" if you will access these new Ansys licenses.

Reference Articles

These will help configure and access Ansys licenses and Zemax applications. 
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