Configuring Zemax applications to access an Ansys license

This article goes over configuring Zemax applications to reach a license server using an Ansys license.

Authored By Don Dickinson

Important note before beginning! 

This applies only to those using an Ansys license and are going to download the Ansys version (2022 R2 or newer) of Opticstudio or OpticsBuilder. 

If you have been assigned a Zemax network license number starting with T or L (like L100000) see this article.

If your license number contains a 5 digit number (22000-40999) see the "Client" section of these instructions.    

Installing the application

Install the Zemax application you are going to use. Be sure to get the Ansys version from the Zemax profile page. You will need an account to access the site.

Configuring Access to the License Server 

When launching the software for the first time, it willl automatically go to the "Ansys license Utilty" if there are no licenses found. Otherwise you can find the License Utility in the Help menu if you are using another license and need to change settings 

Accessing a license on a license server

To access a floating license on a license server at your organization, fill in the license server's name. If you need to access multiple license servers also check the "Specify Redundant servers" box.

If you are unsure of the server information, contact your license administrator shown in your profile page under "My organization's licenses" or your IT department for assistance

You can also change the default port by checking the "Specify Server TCP/IP port number". If you are not sure of the port, leave this unchecked. It will use the default of 1055.

TIP: You can add "localhost" to the server list if you also need to use a license installed on your own machine.

Example of a license configuration. Do not use "zemaxlicenseserver". It is just a sample name. 

mceclip1.pngClick Ok when done to save the settings. You will then need to restart the application and it will attempt to find a license on the server you specified.

If the software starts successfully you are done!

If you get any errors or get dropped back to the configuration screen when starting the software, then it has not found the license. See the article linked at the bottom of this page


Using a license activated on this machine

If you have activated a license file on this machine rather than using a floating license on a server, it will automatically use the local license. Leave "Use Default settings" checked.



Tip: If "Use Default settings" is grayed out, just add "localhost" to one of the listed servers to use a license activated on this machine.



If you need to access a network license as well as local, just ensure "Localhost" is on the server name list and see the previous section. 

Click Ok to save the settings. You will be prompted to restart the application to enable the new settings. If it finds the license and starts successfully, you are done!  

OpticStudio Edition Priority - Selecting Pro Premium or Enterprise

For OpticStudio, there is also a list that allows you to select the OpticStudio edition (Professional, Premium or Enterprise) chosen first when the software starts. If the one you choose isn't available it will attempt to use the others on the list.

TIP: The list is processed from top to bottom. For example, to make an Enterprise license first move it to the top of the list.




If you get any errors after configuring your license, see this article:


Hopefully this helped configure your machine to locate a license. If you still need help please contact us via your Zemax account profile or

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